National Write Your Story Day Virtual Event

Writing has been psychologically proven to be the most effective tool to healing from abuse, assault and trauma. When  I was writing my first book, Breaking Through the Silence: The Journey to Surviving Sexual Assault, I felt this overwhelming feeling of relief.  As I wrote about what I had experienced, the heaviness I carried for 7 years was slowly being lifted off my shoulders. It’s difficult to explain, but I felt immediately lighter.


Self-care and mindfulness are extremely important, especially in colleges and universities. About 24.3% of students impacted by abusive relationships and sexual assault will drop out of college this year. They won’t seek out the resources that they desperately need. So instead, I bring the resources to them. 


Together, we’re going to learn about how to use writing as a resource for releasing your trauma in a very healthy way. And then, we’re going to do a writing activity to start your healing immediately! Thus, decreasing the risk of dropping out

Learning Objectives: Healing Technique, Coping Skills, Therapeutic Writing, Releasing, Confidence Building, Empowerment and Support, Community 

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