What If You Could Recognize A Narcissist WIthout Having To Experience All Of Their Narcissism?  Today, You Can…

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“Marissa’s transparency is what convinces people they can do it. She gives people the power to have their voice again.”

Patty Aubery, Chief Negotiator & President
Jack Canfield’s Companies
Creator of Permission Granted

“I really loved Marissa’s healing tools.  They made me think a lot; everything about them lingers in my mind still.  Some of the concepts have become a part of my daily routine and decision making, and have really made a difference!” 

—Priscilla L., Healing Survivor

“Marissa, you are a warrior and I applaud that you have had the courage to work through your hurt to help others.  You are so real and I learned so much from you being authentic and transparent.”

— Nursing Licensure Student, at Simmons University

Attended Guest Lecture

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