Gold Healing Coaching


Gold Healing Coaching


Area’s We Work On:

*Confidence Building and Maintaining
*Breaking Your Silence
*Releasing Your Toxic Past
*Building Resilience
*Creating The Life You Desire
*Surrounding Yourself with Healthy Relationships
*Rebuilding a Healthy Routine
*Recognizing Toxic and Nontoxic Traits
*Selecting Healthy Romantic Partners



 24 One-on-One Healing Sessions ($6,000 Value)

Using my signature Healing From Emotional Abuse Philosophy, I’ll assess where you on your healing journey, and then I will work to build you a plan, and all you have to do is the activities.  It’s a plug-and-play healing experience, individualize to your specific wants and needs.  I have healing-activity guide filled with thousands of healing techniques that I’ve learned over the years.  All of this to help you heal quicker with less effort.  All the hard work is on me!


✔️ Bonus #1: 6 Community Group Coaching Sessions ($2,400 Value)

✔️ BONUS #2: 6 Emergency Calls ($3,000 Value)

✔️ BONUS #3: Entrance to my VIP Facebook Group ($1,000 Value)

✔️ BONUS #4: Direct Access To Me Anytime ($10,000 Value)

✔️ BONUS #5: 2 Months of FREE Coaching for a Friend ($2,000 Value)

✔️ BONUS #6: My Templates and Tools to Building Confidence and Self Esteem Activities ($10,000 Value)

✔️ BONUS #7: Free Book Bundle ($200 Value)

✔️ BONUS #8: Automatic 20% off Additional Products and Programs ($5,000 Value)

✔️ BONUS #9: FREE 365 Day Healing Calendar with Daily Positivity and Self Esteem Activities ($150 Value)

✔️ SUPER BONUS: 2 Hour Mastermind with Me to Plan Your Healing Journey ($10,000 Value)

Total Value: $49,750


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