Healing and Confidence Coaching

Need an extra hand in your healing journey?

Finding your voice after abuse is difficult, exhausting, and stressful.  Especially when you don’t have direction or guidance.  I can help navigate the rocky, unpaved road of your healing journey, and make the process easier and smoother.

I think it's important that we build a foundation of trust before we commit to working together. So, if you're interested in having me coach you, I would love and encourage you to sign up for a one-time FREE 30min coaching session with me below

One-On-One Private Coaching…  Work one-on-one with me to navigate your direct needs, and help you live a full, brave and peaceful life.

Group Coaching Masterclass…  Empower your community to heal alongside you in our group healing masterclass.  We’ll meet twice per week, for 4 weeks to help each other navigate and grow through the Ruhe Approach program.

Train the Advocate…. Are you in a position to help champions heal, but don’t know exactly how to address it?  Don’t worry — it’s confusing.  That’s why I’ve created a program specifically for professionals to use to work with the champion community.  It’s easy to implement, and impactful in helping survivors heal from trauma effectively.

Ruhe Certified Trainer…. COMING SOON

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