Meet Marissa

Learn how to take control of your abuse and change your life, like the thousands of Champions who have worked with Marissa F. Cohen. Her expertise and innovative techniques help abuse survivors transform their lives and jumpstart their healing journey’s.

As the best selling author of the Breaking Through the Silence Series, and Founder of Within Your Reach, Inc., Marissa has worked with hundreds of warriors, teaching new methods of self-expression, and filling Warriors toolboxes with productive, and healthy techniques to jumpstart their healing.

With a wide range of avenues and perspectives, there is a program for everyone; individual and group workshops, for self-improvement or group dynamics improvements. She has worked with corporations to train about how abuse at home effects the workplace dynamic in various ways – Job Retention, Productivity and Work-Life Balance – and what your company can do to change the environment for warriors. She has created seminars, organized healing retreats, and trainings for warriors to help them become Unsilenced. Let’s change your world.

Marissa is a true master, who has helped thousands Break Their Silence, and take control of their abusive pasts. She empowers warriors to take their life by storm, Break their Silence, and reinvent their lives!


Congratulations on 100,000 downloads! Here's to the next 100,000!

Healing From Emotional

Winner of the 2023 Purple Ribbon Award: Outstanding Domestic Violence Podcast from

We are honored to present this certificate along with the accompanying medallion. This award is presented only to the best of the best who are making a substantial positive impact on the lives of domestic violence victims and survivors.

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