The Healing From Emotional Abuse Virtual Summit

And Here Are Your Incredible, Inspiring Speakers:

Nana Ponceleon

Nana Ponceleon defines herself as a “Life Explorer”. She was born in Venezuela, but has lived her life between the US and Venezuela. She is currently by-coastal between California and New York. She graduated from Pace University in New York in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science and has worked for companies like Philip Brothers (commodities trading) and the giant Microsoft for over 11 years. After leaving the corporate world she decided to pursue her long-life passion for the arts. So, she went back to school, this time to study acting. She studied with Susan Batson (personal coach of Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche, Oprah Winfrey, among many others), at the Susan Batson Studios, with the late Carolyne Barry in Los Angeles and graduated from the Evening Conservatory at Stella Adler Studio of Acting.

She has worked in over 30 films (short films, features, and TV shows) and many commercials, as well as plays; including the Venezuelan award-winning international film “The Zero Hour” (LA HORA CERO) featured in HBO for over a year. She will be performing this fall 2021 in a new play in New York at Theater Row on 42nd St called My Mother With The Severed Head and guess who’s the mother…

She is passionate about the human spirit and created a movement called ACT FEMININE, which vision is to create a world where women and men collaborate, cooperate and co-create their shared world together. 

Deborah McPhilemy

Family Therapist, Award Winning Author, Speaker and Master Trainer of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), who has specialised in this field since 2003.  Deborah found herself trapped in a cycle of abusive relationships; in the middle of an abusive incident with her fourth abusive partner, she realised that she was the one who had to change something within herself.  She realised that she had an invisible magnet that kept attracting the same types of partners into her life over and over again.  She figured out what it was and not long after breaking that cycle, she attracted the most amazing kind loving person into her life.  Her passion today is working with parents and educators.  She established two non-profit social enterprises, ‘Getting Kids Social Again’ and ‘EQ for All’ that help children to grow up being Emotionally Intelligent so that they have the tools and skills to prevent, or recover, from bullying and abuse.

Orsika Julia

Orsika has been free from the domestic violence for a decade. She is a single mother of three on a mission to guide others who have overcome domestic violence to live a life of forgiveness and healing. Since escaping the abusive relationship and overcoming PTSD, Orsika has visited numerous personal development campuses. She’s learned from some of the best transformational speakers and coaches. After spending a fair amount of time forgiving and healing her own experiences, Orsika realized it was time to guide others on their own healing journey. She is a Certified Canfield Trainer with the Success Principles, an educator, and is dedicated to her craft. Orsika understands, first hand, the challenges of your healing journey whilst raising children. As owner of Out of the Quicksand, Orsika is on a mission to mentor other single parents who have conquered domestic violence to live a life out of their own quicksand.

Sherry Yetter

Mrs. Yetter, a native of Melbourne, Iowa, is a subject matter expert in the field of sexual assault, sexual harassment, victim advocacy, and policy development. As a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator for the United States Marine Corps (USMC) she was the first to hold the position of Special Staff Officer for the Commanding General (CG) of Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC). Mrs. Yetter led the SAPR Program throughout the MCRC area of operations (AO) for the 6 Marine Corps Districts, 2 Recruit Training Depots, 48 Recruiting Stations, 560 Recruiting Sub-Stations, and 70 Officer Selection Offices across the continental United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Germany, and Guam proudly supporting the 5000+ Marines and family members of MCRC. In addition to supporting command leadership Mrs. Yetter was responsible for the program execution and leadership of MCRC SAPR personnel including 4 Region SARCs, 7 Command SARCs, and 100+ Victim Advocates.

Mrs. Yetter’s previous assignments include positions of increasing responsibility in organizational leadership, behavioral health program management, training, and education. Mrs. Yetter served as an Initiatives Action Officer for HQMC Behavioral Health Branch developing and implementing new behavioral health program initiatives such as the USMC Military Family Life Consultant (MFLC) Program and the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) Prevention Specialist Program. She also served with the National Guard Bureau as the Director of Training and Program Development for the National Guard Bureau Psychological Health Program (NGPHP) and was a principle in the development and implementation of the U. S. Army and Air Reserve Psychological Health Program capabilities.

Mrs. Yetter has 28+ years of experience with military family readiness programs and is an expert leader in the development, training, and mentorship of personnel. Mrs. Yetter is a former Army National Guard Family Readiness Group (FRG) leader; served on the State of Missouri National Guard Family Program Advisory Board; is a certified Master Trainer for the Family Team Building Program; and was recognized as an Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Conference top presenter.

Mrs. Yetter received her master’s degrees in Organizational and Servant Leadership from Gonzaga University; a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences and Education from Northwest Missouri State University; and, is a nationally credentialed Sexual Assault Victim Advocate. 


Will Wissmiller

Will Wissmiller, CTRC-S, NATouch™ Practitioner

Will is a compassionate coach and listener. He is able to guide clients in breaking through old patterns, and toward living the lives they really want. Specializing in clients who struggle with the effects of Complex PTSD (C-PTSD), Will also loves to help anyone wanting to achieve more authentic and secure attachments in their personal and professional relationships. His self help journey has led him to the world of Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching, where he is currently a Trainer, Supervisor, and Member of the Management Team at IAOTRC (International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching). 

Additionally, his training in NeuroAffective Touch® allows Will to help his clients quickly and effectively release the hold of past trauma on the body and mind. (It’s great for stress relief too!) Links to learn more about Will, his training, and the services he offers:

And Here's Your Host, Marissa F. Cohen

Marissa F. Cohen is the Founder of the Healing From Emotional Abuse Philosophy™, and the Award-Winning and Best Selling author of the Breaking Through the Silence Series — Breaking Through the Silence: The Journey to Surviving Sexual Assault (2018 Readers Favorite International Book Award Winner, and #1 Amazon International Best Seller); and Breaking Through the Silence: #Me(n)Too (Amazon #1 Best Seller). As well as the best selling author of The Ruhe Approach: Healing From Abuse (renamed the Healing From Emotional Abuse Philosophy: Living A Life of Freedom, Confidence and Peace), and The Healing From Emotional Abuse Philosophy: The 3 Keys to Overcoming Narcissism.

As the Founder of the Healing From Emotional Abuse Philosophy™, she has created a 3 Key Method to overcoming narcissism and narcissistic abuse. Over 2,000 people have used this Philosophy to start living a free, confident and peaceful life through her one-on-one coaching programs. It has since been endorsed by Brian Tracy (President of Brian Tracy International), Jack Canfield (Star of the movie, The Secret; Author of the Best-Selling Book, The Success Principles; and Co-Creator of the #1 NY Times Best-Selling book series, Chicken Soup For the Soul), James Malinchak (Best-Selling Author of Millionaire Success Secrets, and Founder of Big Money Speaker), Kevin Harrington (Original Shark on Shark Tank), Jon Formica (The “Ex-Disney Guy”, and America and Australia’s Best Customer Experience Speaker, Author and Coach)  Joe Theismann (World Champion QB and Entrepreneur), and Jill Lublin (4x Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Publicity Strategist).

Marissa F. Cohen was named a Top 10 Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneur on International Women’s Day 2021 by Fast Capital 360, and has shared a stage with Jack Canfield, Patty Aubery, Joe Theismann, and James Malinchak.

Marissa’s Podcast, Healing From Emotional abuse, has ranked Top 20 in Relationship Podcast’s in New Zealand, and Top 100 Podcast in Australia (Relationships), New Zealand (Society & Culture; Relationships) and South Africa (Relationships).

Her mission is to empower all survivors of sexual abuse, narcissism, emotional abuse and domestic violence to release their trauma, build resilience and rebuild their lives, so they can feel complete, happy, and confident.

She currently resides in Chicago with her fiancé and their two dogs. She spends her downtime traveling, hiking and crafting!

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