Healing From Emotional Abuse: Thunder Rosa on the Speak Out Movement: with BCP and Thunder Rosa

Healing From Emotional Abuse: Thunder Rosa on the Speak Out Movement: with BCP and Thunder Rosa

Can you heal from abuse?  What do I do after leaving my narcissist? What does a healthy relationship look like? These concerns cross the minds of over 20 people every minute; over 28,800 people every day.  And the sad fact is, we still don’t talk about it enough.  Healing from Emotional Abuse isn’t a bandaid situation.  But it doesn’t have to take years either. The lives of millions of other survivors around the worlds have been impacted by their narcissist.  Yours doesn’t have to.  To show you how to live a free, confident and peaceful life, your host and Founder of the Healing From Emotional Abuse Philosophy, Marissa F. Cohen.

Rob: Gentlemen, welcome back to a very special episode of the BCP / Healing From Emotional Abuse Podcast Connection as we continue to break through the Speak Out movement with my tag team partner multiple time Amazon award-winning Best-Selling Author, my good friend, Miss Marissa Cohen. Marissa, what’s up over there? How you doing?

Marissa: Hi, I’m great. How are you?

Rob: I’m doing really, really good. You know, all things considered. You know, like we keep saying 2020. But Marissa, You’ve knocked it out of the park with this one. And I’m super hyped. Super honored right now. This is a big one guys. Right here. I am personally so honored to be speaking with easily one of the best in the world right now. The first ever Mexican born and current NWA Women’s World Champion, Miss Thunder Rosa. Miss Thunder Rosa, how are you today?

Thunder Rosa: Thank you.

Marissa: We should add an Applause track.

Rob: Yeah, absolutely. I was going to roll my R’s, but I would really just fail it that miserably. But it really is an honor. Thunder Rosa, thank you so much for a few minutes of your time. First and foremost. 2020 has been crazy. How are you? How’s the family? How’s everyone making out in this 2020 COVID world right now?

Thunder Rosa: We’re doing really well. I mean, we definitely use COVID as a launchpad for a lot of stuff. You know, we’re really focused, and as you guys know, we revamped Mission Pro-Wrestling to make it mostly female staff and, and everybody in there because the work, you know, after the whole speak out. So we’re working on that. I mean, it is really hard, because I have a tendency to like start things and not really have like, a plan for it or just like, go! Then we  just go from there. So yeah, we’re working really hard.

Rob: Yeah, it’s crazy. You know, I find it as like a creative and a journalist in the in the business like, now really is a good time to focus on our crafts in other ways. But I want to talk about you know, your reaction when we first saw this speak out movement, we’ve talked to a lot of indie talent. We’ve talked to a lot of promoters. We’re so honored to have you here. When you saw this hashtag trending on Twitter, what was your immediate reaction or thoughts? Were you surprised?

Thunder Rosa: I was not surprised, actually. I was at first, for the first people that were, you know, talking about, I mean, had some I know I knew that person, but I didn’t know them to that extent. So and then as soon as I started seeing, like the domino effect and where everybody started speaking now, I was like, I personally was like, I hope somebody, if they’re, you know, speaking out on Twitter, I hope somebody goes to the authorities. I know it, you know, it’s it’s really hard and probably not going to do anything. But at least there’s a record for men or women that have been harassed, to use this and take it to the next level. Right? In order for, you know, justice to happen. And unfortunately, not a lot of people did that.

Rob: Yeah, absolutely. It’s very crazy. And I’ll throw it over to Marissa. Marissa is all about breaking through the silence And speaking of somersault, throw it over to you if you have some questions.

Marissa: Sure. So I really appreciate you saying that, you know, giving you’re giving your not blessing but giving your you know, I guess permission to encourage women to speak out and men and any survivor to speak out. I think that that’s really important to hear, especially from people like you who have a platform and have a name. So have you ever experienced anything throughout your wrestling career that was inappropriate or abusive?

Thunder Rosa: Man, if I was to, like, name some names, and if I was to sing some stuff, you know, it’s just like, I would be here all day, have a conversation with you, honestly. I decided to, you know, if, when I have some of the some of these issues to like, deal with and personally, I have a very supportive husband, who is actually has seen most of this stuff online. I’ve seen a lot of the comments, you know, pictures, all that kind of stuff. And we actually personally talked to some people, you know. But not a lot of people have, you know, the  courage to go and say something to somebody in person. To make them stop. I mean, it took me a little while before this happened, but I remember telling my husband like when I first started in my career, man, if this was a regular job, half of these people will be fired already for sexual harassment. But, again, I talked about it before, and this was, we lived in a culture of silence. And, um, and a lot of the girls, you know, spoke out, and some of them were heard, and some of them were victimized again. I mean,  they blamed the victim. But for me, it’s very important to take action. You know, and especially in cases where some of this stuff were, to the level that they were that they don’t, they don’t necessarily need to be afraid of doing that, because that’s the next step in order to keep people that were multiple offenders, keep them away from doing it again.

Marissa: But don’t you think it could possibly, potentially hurt somebody’s career to speak out? I mean, there have been cases where, you know, even in Hollywood where women spoke out against Harvey Weinstein years and years before, the #MeToo movement and they were blacklisted. And I’m sure the same thing has happened in the Wrestling World.

Thunder Rosa: I mean, there’s a reason why a lot of us didn’t say anything before. Before the speak out happened. Because if you say something and you don’t have the platform, or you don’t have the name, you know, you’re gonna get blackballed. You know, so it’s like a sort of two edges, right? Is like, even your blamed if you speaking, or blamed if you don’t. And I think some, some people were like, why you’re not use your platform, that way that you should? We all decide to take action a different way. You know, and definitely, when I was, like, somebody that I knew that that was, that was part of the abuse, or they receive abuse, like, I definitely reach out to some of them, you know. But some of them are really vulnerable, and they don’t want to really talk about it. So I respected that too. You gotta, you know, how they feel. But um, yeah, I mean, it’s an interesting, it’s an interesting topic, and is very sensitive, because you’ve got to go both ways.

Rob: Of course, you hit it right on the head. And I just wanted to say, like, you know, I do I very much like support the indie talent on the show. That’s what it’s all about. We tried to put them over, if you will. We’ve seen, you know, some of these women come out. And I’ve seen one, saying that she had a story, but she even though all this is going on, she did not feel that she had to share it. And again, there’s no pressure there. And then she ended up just walking away from the business right now. Are you seeing like a lot of that on your end? Or are you are you thinking like, this is something that that is going to actually come out the other end very positive?

Thunder Rosa: It could be both ways. I mean, I get some of that locker rooms were very toxic. And like, a lot of the women were kind of like, at the edge, and men too. So I think because of like now, there’s not a lot of shows, running, opportunities are sparse. As far as the like, in like, all this that is happening and has been so hurtful, in many ways, like, some people would just rather just something else. You know, because it’s just like, I don’t know. Like, for some people was traumatizing. Because they, they suffered from some of this abuse and harassment, and some of these, you know, being blackballed and stuff like that. So then is reading continue to read the stories and reread them? It was it was, it was a lot. It was a lot.

Rob: So, you know, we’re working a lot with this indie talent. You know, we talk about, you know, obviously, before this COVID stuff, but when we had these conventions, where we had these indie shows where we have, you know, the up and coming talent, come pick up the bigger name talent from the airport, or we talk about the talent and these indie shows where they have to share a locker room. You’re kind of your thoughts on that, Thunder Rosa.

Thunder Rosa: Well, it happened and it shouldn’t ever happen. And we should have said something. But now, given the fact that this, this all happened, and we need to be different, and we need to be better. The last show that I was in, there was no locker room for the girls. What I said, and I and I yell at the guys, too. I said, Don’t you ever let another woman change in front of you. It’s all our responsibility. And I’m not talking about just women. But you guys do to take care of the girls. A lot of these girls are new, so they feel afraid of like speaking up. But you know what, I’ve been in the business for six years. I’m a business owner. I’m a wrestler, I’m a pro-MMA fighter. I’m a mother. I’m a wife. You know, I, myself have been through this too. I am not gonna let another girl to change in front of all of us anymore if we get a little tiny place for us to be to have privacy. So be it. But I also want to blame the guys for allowing this to happen too. Because they’re also responsible. This is why I had the conversation and I said to everybody is like you guys are also responsible. You guys have to be brothers keepers. We’re all brothers here. There’s no more BS of like, “Oh, no, no, it’s just business…” None. None of that. This should never happen in the first place.

Marissa: Thunder Rosa, for President 2020

Rob: I know, I literally like clapping my hands over here don’t mess with her.

Thunder Rosa: A lot of the times I was afraid to say something. Even like, when like, the promoter didn’t give me my money or something. To like, be sensitive. I can’t be sensitive, you know? It’s my body. It’s my is my brand. It’s everything, you know? I’m not perfect, I’m not a role model. I just care for other people. And that’s it. If you don’t care for other people fine. But be ready for another speak out movement to happen. Because if we continue to have this mentality, this is going to continue to happen no matter what. You know. So that’s why I’m like right now, I’m all about action. You have to put your money where your mouth is, or whatever that is. It’s like, if I say, I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do something. And again, if I’m in a locker room, with women, especially in the Indies, because the locker rooms are very small, I will demand for a place. And I’m not talking about, send me to the bathroom, where everybody’s going to be using the bathroom, they’re going to be interrupting me. I’m asking for a little place and where I can change, and the others girls can change without being bothered by the guys or being like looked at, or vice versa.

Marissa: Right. We’ve been hearing a lot from previous interviews about how people who are being accused of sexual harassment sexual assault are still being booked. And when it’s brought up to promoters about well, why are you booking them? They’ve been accused, they say, “Well, what do you want us to do not book them?” So what do you think about that?

Thunder Rosa: That’s the reason why, for me, it’s super important that I mentioned at the beginning of the show, that you have to press charges, and, you know, legal actions to be taken. Because when there is an accusation, the people are gonna say, well it’s just an accusation. It’s that he said, she said. And that’s how they defend themselves. But then there’s actually multiple cases and where the girls can go after this person or this other person, it’s a different story.

Marissa: Yeah. As a business owner, and  a person who works in wrestling as a business owner, what do you think that promoters and the organizations can do to create the safer environments for their, for the wrestlers and for their talent?

Thunder Rosa: Well, you know, there is an organization that has been created in Los Angeles that is just focusing on this specific aspect, which is sexual harassment, HR and everything. And I don’t think that this has ever happened before. It’s the wrestling coalition, and I will send you guys a link. She’s been working super hard. And she’s working with other wrestlers, female and male wrestlers. And we’re are with me reaching out to other schools, and organizations, wrestling organizations to like, educate people about this aspect. Because this is a serious thing. And because there’s no platform created for us, we’re independent director like us is really difficult to follow through, and to have an investigation. Like in other regular jobs where, there’s sexual harassment, the person gets suspended, and, you know, there’s an investigation and whatever happens, happens. And we have to also remember, because there’s only an accusation, you cannot be proven guilty until you’re found guilty. Which again, that’s, for me is so important. And I’ve talked many times with some of my friends, that it’s important that you need to seek legal action. Because as you guys can see, there was a video, and the person said very clearly, there was no legal action taken, so I can speak now. And you’re blaming the victim. And I’m just like, I was blown away, I was like, wow, nobody went and actually pressed charges? Especially after having all this proof that it was real. So it’s like, I mean, because we don’t have the HR and we don’t have like somebody that can guide you through it. Because it’s painful. It’s a pain in the butt. It’s like nobody wants to do it and nobody wants to spend money on lawyers. But it’s necessary. It’s necessary.

Marissa: You don’t think it falls on the organization to protect people. Like to, if there’s an accusation, if not do an investigation, at least suspend or avoid booking somebody for the accusation.

Thunder Rosa: I mean, some people they don’t really care. Business is business. Remember, this is still a lot of people in the business that are still out there, and they’ve done some shady stuff, just because people haven’t said anything. They’re still running the stuff. You know? And nobody’s saying anything about it. And nobody will say anything about it, because there’s a lot of people with a lot of power.

Marissa: I think it’s kind of like a vicious cycle, if you think about it. So, they abuse somebody, and that person doesn’t speak up so they’re allowed to continue to abuse, and abuse, and abuse. But if someone does speak up and nothing happens, then that person who’s been abusing feels like on top of the world. Like they’re unstoppable. Nobody can touch them. So it’s almost encouragement to keep abusing. So I feel like, although I agree with what you’re saying: Business is business, there are so many people out there that aren’t abusive pieces of shit. why don’t we give them the booking instead of, you know, well, it’s a he said, she said.

Thunder Rosa: You know, that but everybody, every organization does business differently. Like, for example, me. If I know, I know, it’s true, and I’ve seen it, and I, you know, my friends told me and I know it everything. I know that person will never work with us. Just period. But again, everybody has a different set of values, everybody has a different perspective of things, you know, and I see what you’re saying, like, I saw one of the promoters and they were like, Hey, why are you booking this person? This person has like, a long list of bad behavior, you know? And I saw.

Rob: Absolutely, I you know, I see that over here in the shows, you know, where sometimes we’re lucky enough to have, like, you know, drive in shows, you know, equivalent to like a drive in theater of wrestling shows or whatever. And every once in a while I’m running an interview or something,  and someone will chime in with a comment about somebody or something associated with somebody. So again, it’s very, you know, it’s very crazy. He’s saying, but Thunder Rosa, telling it like it is. And Marissa, you know, obviously, I see where you’re coming from as well obviously, Marissa being like, as we like to say a survivor, a champion here on this show. But I want to throw this quote at you Thunder Rosa. Marissa, helped me out, I always botch the quotes. But they say in the ring, you know, you guys trust each other. Behind the curtain. You guys are brothers and sisters, I guess this is really a quote. But uh, you know, I guess the quote was, you know, “We can we can trust each other to catch each other in the ring, but we can’t trust each other outside of the ring.” Your thoughts on that?

Thunder Rosa: It’s the entertainment business. If this was a regular job, you think that people act certain way, and they end up being a different way. In where like they’re backstabbers. They, you know, they say they have your best interest, which is BS. And they go. And when it’s their time, they go after you, one way or another. This is a perfect example of things. And it saddens me terribly. Because this is not a way to do business, and to work. There’s nothing worse than you work at a place, and then you want to try to go to a different place, but you can’t because you’re blackballed. You can’t because somebody used their power to try to hinder you. But nothing is better and more empowering than when you are you, and you decide to take action, and take your life in your own matters and do things the right way. And show people that whatever is being said, is not true. Especially when you’re a victim of harassment. So, man, it’s just this for me, this is such a sensitive topic. And that’s why I say like, some people, honestly, Marissa, they don’t care. They really don’t care.

Marissa: And it’s disgusting to me. And you can see it truly in the fans as well. And I’m not by any means bashing wrestling fans. But we’ve had people on the show that talk about how fans are so loyal to the people that they grow up watching, and so loyal to the wrestlers that they follow, that anyone that comes out and makes an accusation gets bashed on social media. And that’s so scary for people. You know, like you said, it’s such a sensitive topic, and people speaking their truth and speaking out about their story are being so vulnerable, that then to be victim blamed and victimized by fans of the person they’ve accused, is so traumatizing. It’s probably almost as traumatizing as the actual incident.

Thunder Rosa: But when you speak out, that’s part of what the consequences are. And you have to be aware, when this happens, that this is going to happen. Especially if you’re a part of an entertainment business. And we saw when the #MeToo. All those women who spoke out, they were also bashed. I read a lot of these books a couple years ago, and he was like the women and men were scared because they go after them. Everything. And they tried to go, and they tried to dig dirt, and they tried to do a bunch of stuff, you know, which is not cool either. But we have to be mindful when you’re going to speak your truth, this was, this is going to happen, and you have to be ready. But you also have to be ready to take action. To like, take it to the next level. I mean, that’s why it was so powerful for the #MeToo movement with all these women from Hollywood. They were able to take action, and they put him in jail. Because there were so many stories, and all of them were very similar. The same with Bill Cosby. With all these women spoke out after 20-30 years, they all took him out of society. So he was not being, you know, booked to do a show and booked to do this, and do that. But that is what is necessary sometimes. Because otherwise, Marissa, we’re going to go back to people not caring about the allegations and continuing to book these people.

Marissa: Right. So that’s what I want to avoid. You said that there was a coalition? Is the person collecting stories for lack of a better term in order to advocate for people? Or is that just like, like a survivor resource?

Thunder Rosa: No, it’s more of creating a platform and where if this incidents happen in schools, or whatever else, there’s actually somebody who can actually do an investigation. And there is like, they’re creating policies that can be used in different promotions, schools, and they can be implemented too, in case of these situations happening. So it can’t continue to hurt people. So if like, somebody goes and does an allegation, there is an investigation right away. Or there should be an investigation right away. So that’s what we’re trying to implement. Again, this organization is in its infancy, but she’s working very hard. And she’s been working with attorneys and HR specialists from all over the country. So like I said, I’ll pass you the information if you want to be part of it. Because I think this is very, very important. Because this is the wrestling. Women in professional wrestling. This is called professional wrestling for a reason, right? So this should be taken as professional wrestling. As a profession. We’re professionals. Right? I mean, I always see it that way. You know, but it’s like, like you were saying, like, you can’t trust people in the back. Like you have to, that’s why we have to be very mindful of who we associate ourselves with. Because then later on, they can bite us in the butt. Even when we don’t have nothing to do, just because we were friends.

Rob: You know, very, very well said, the business has been so positive to me, you know, I’ve just made so many like friends and connections and obviously, Thunder Rosa, you have had such just such a decorated career so far. You’ve had so many accomplishments, I you know, I wish we were here talking about our dream opponents and you know, dream tag team partners and all this stuff. But you know, obviously, we’re talking about a very serious topic. Does this kind of, like, obviously it sours everything, but what’s kind of your positive level on the business versus the negativity? Like what’s, what’s your feeling right now?

Thunder Rosa: Man, for me, professional wrestling has brought a lot of happiness, And a lot of a lot of my dreams came true because of professional wrestling, because of how much dedication and passion I have to this. I mean, it’s a very difficult business to be in. It’s mainly dominated by men, white men. So the odds of a person color to like, be decorated and like, make it big, it’s, it’s hard. It’s very, very hard and you go through a lot of, you eat a lot of shit. So excuse my language. But you have to learn how to navigate and how to be smart and how to like, you know, do what’s best for you. And without stepping on other people’s backs, or backstabbing other people, that’s like my number one thing. I don’t like doing that, just to get ahead. And a lot of my veterans and will be like, you’re in the wrong business, because you’re such a good person. But I’m not going to put my values and my morals on the side just because I want to get something. I’m gonna get it because of my merit. Because I will worked hard for it. Because I bled for it. Because I sweat for it. Because I worked so hard. And there’s no denial that I deserve it. So I think professional wrestling has taught me to be tough, to have tough skin, and I have no limits. I never had limits, but I think this one has taught me even more to be limitless. The only limits that I have and the ones that I set for myself. And that’s it. Like nobody else can tell me Otherwise.

Marissa: I wish more people had that mindset.

Rob: Yeah, clapping my hands over here right now. Very, very well said. And you’re such a bad ass, and really telling it like it is. I do want to be respectful of your time, Thunder Rosa, and thank you again so much for a few minutes. I did want to ask you this. You know a lot of times you mentioned your husband, some of your guys endeavors. You guys make me believe in love again. But I did want to talk about, I believe its Mission Pro Wrestling. I see you guys posted some stuff, I think fans can request matches and all that stuff. You know, I just saw Holidead — a couple days ago at a drive-in show here in Jersey. She was fantastic in person. But not about shameless promo. We’ll get to that later. I did want to ask you, you did mention earlier in the interview about kind of taking on an all female roster, and all female management. Tell us a little bit more about that.

Thunder Rosa: It’s been a heck of a roller coaster. Right after the Speak Out happened, my husband’s like, “Well, I mean, you go and I should start running an all female promotion.” And I’m like, Man, I’m not ready. And he’s like, no, it’s time. Oh, man, it’s gonna be hard. So, you know. We try our best to do as much to fulfill our older roles with females. From the merch table, to the tickets. Our Booker’s a female, I’m the owner. Sound, commentary, everything. Like we want women production. The hardest thing to find is women that are in production. So that’s where I come here. And I’m probably not going to wrestle very much, because I want to make sure that I learned production, and I’m able to like run things in the back. But that’s the most difficult part because I don’t feel that there is enough women in the production area. And that’s one of the most important parts of professional wrestling, because it’s being professional wrestling is being put on YouTube is being put all over the world. But you need somebody to produce that and to produce it well. So that’s been very challenging. And I’ve been like trying to talk to some of the girls into like, “Hey, are you interested in learning more about how to like, record a match? And how to like edit a match and how to do this stuff.” And they’re like, “Nah, I just really want to wrestle.” And I’m just thinking in my head, recording, editing, and learning how to do all this things will take you even further because you can use it for your YouTube, you can use for your Patreon. If you’re into OnlyFans, you can use that. So that’s like other sources of income. So it’s like changing the mindset of just being a wrestler and entertainer to like being a wholesome business person. It is very difficult. And that’s what I want to do with Mission Pro Wrestling — is like not only allow and give a platform for women to wrestle and entertain people, but also to learn other ways to like, become their own businesses, and business owners. Which is owning their own brand, and, and being able to make money with wrestling. Which is one of the hardest things to do and be successful at it.

Marissa: As far as the production elements go, I have a couple female friends that I think would really benefit from working with you just because of your like badass-ery and your power. And if you’d like I can refer them to you or connect them to you and see if they are people that you’d like to work with.

Thunder Rosa: Yeah, if like, especially if they’re like, I don’t know if they live, where do you live? Marissa?

Marissa: I’m in Chicago, but they’re all over the place.

Thunder Rosa: Yeah, if they’re like closer to Texas, it will be best. Again, we’re just starting. And I’m like, seriously trying to do this with my team as like, self sufficient as possible, because we want to make sure that you know, we get our equipment. But we want to make sure that we’re able to, in the future have like bad ass production, and everything’s owned by us. And we’re like running that way. I mean, yes, we’ll definitely like to get some help for the future shows.

Marissa: Okay, I’ll connect you to a couple people.

Thunder Rosa: Awesome.

Rob: Love it. Love it. You guys are killing it. Last question for me, Thunder Rosa. And again, thank you so, so much for a few minutes of your time. I do like to end things on a positive note, if you don’t mind my asking. We do have a lot, a lot of indie talent on the show. So kind of a two parter here, tying it to what we’ve been talking about earlier. Any advice you would have for them, you know, to kind of move forward safely. And then if you wouldn’t mind some advice for them creatively or trying to get over or move forward in the business.

Thunder Rosa: I think it’s like, people need to stop focusing so much on like, the, like, the end goal. Which is it could be you know, AEW, WWE, all that stuff, and just really enjoy the journey. Like it took me years for me to like, be like, Okay, I’m enjoying what I’m doing. It was just go. And then after I achieved so much, I’m like, What am I doing? And that’s when we were missing it, or like we’re comparing ourselves to other people are more successful than us. I started with us. Our journey is completely different than the other persons journey. So you just have to enjoy the trials and tribulations that you will go through. And when you stop enjoying it, you need to stop doing it. Like don’t make everybody miserable in the locker room and be a sour puss. Fans give us so much, so much, that you have no clue. Like so many of my fans, right now, I can tell you, they have given my family and me so much joy, and they have helped me create so many great memories, that if I would have done it, any other way, I don’t think I would have been able to achieve it otherwise. So it is so important that you are positive. And you are that you actually give something to this to this business, you know, because at the end of the day, when you die, like you’re gonna take everything. All the knowledge and everything else you have is going to be for nothing. So for me, that’s why, maybe because I was a social worker before, for me, it’s important to give, to be generous and to be to be genuine. Because that’s gonna take you a lot further than just being selfish.

Rob: Wow, I’m just gonna echo when Marissa said Thunder Rosa, for president, Marissa: you got anything else before we get out of here.

Marissa: I just, if you wouldn’t mind giving just like one piece of advice to any up and comer who might face some sort of abuse or harassment. Or, veteran wrestlers who have faced — what’s like one piece of advice you’d give them.

Thunder Rosa: I will say that, if you have been harassed before in any way shape, or form, that if you have somebody you trust really well like either veteran, a friend or whatever, to help you talk to the other person and really be like, you need to stop. It’s so important. It’s so important to tell them to stop. And if they don’t stop, you need to like gather all your information, all this stuff that you have, and really take action. Because it’s so important other than this people because some people are sick, they’re really sick, and they need to be taken out. And I’m not talking about just the business. They need. So sick. And they’ve done it so many times of so many different people. And, and that’s very, very important. Because they, they, they will continue to do it. They don’t do it to you, they’re going to jump to the next person, they’re gonna go to the next person. And it’s really sad, because some people are so passionate about pro-wrestling, that when this happened, like their passion, the love and everything is gone. And it just takes everything away. And it takes so long for them to like rebuild and continue. Because not everybody’s strong. You know, not everybody can just keep going and just like brush it off. But that’s so important. And believe me, so empowering. I mean, so I mean, I’m telling me, it made me really nervous when I have to like face on people and be like, hey, whatever you’re saying, I know you’re gonna say it’s not true, but I know is true, you need to stop right now. Immediately. Or you will suffer other consequences, because I’m not playing. Especially, a lot of our LGBTQ people, like they suffer from a lot of that stuff. And they think that some people would think is funny when they’re being harassed like that. It’s not funny. It’s not funny at all.

Rob: Thank you for saying that. Very, very well said. And Thunder Rosa, like I said, I do want to end this on a positive note, you know, hopefully next time we talk to you, you know, we’re talking about goals and all sorts of other stuff in the world to be back to normal. But I am all about the shameless promo here. So please, you know, I saw you just put up some pictures on your website. You know, I’m definitely gonna look into that. But tell us where everyone can follow on social media, your website and all your endeavors coming up.

Thunder Rosa: So you guys can find me at ThunderRosa22@gmail.com if you want to send me an email. But you can find me at ThunderRosa.net. All my social media is linked to there. I also have my YouTube page and where it’s monetized. So every time I do live feeds, or I put a new video I usually am in the chat so you guys can donate money to the cause. You know, this is how I make a living. Because I’m not wrestling very much. Future plans. I feel like I’m you know, floating some stuff in there, but we’re going 100% of admission for wrestling — We’re thanks support as many women as possible. And this is not your typical BS small promotion. We’re trying we will make it as big as possible. We have a lot of connections and we want to make sure those who work hard and deserve it,  get those opportunities just like I did. Somebody was able to give me those opportunities or just offer those opportunities and just take over the world. We want good people to take over professional wrestling. Good, strong, women to take over professionalism.

Marissa: Make Professional Wrestling Safe Again.

Rob: There it is. I love it. It’s not a Thunder Rosa Thank you so much. You know obviously you fan for a long time but more importantly we appreciate you all Opening up, you certainly have my respect and continued success moving forward. Thank you so much for your time.

Thunder Rosa: No, thank you guys for having me. Appreciate

Rob: All right guys, as always say here, stay safe, stay positive, take care of each other. We’re out peace.

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