Healing From Emotional Abuse: How To Develop Confidence

Healing From Emotional Abuse: How To Develop Confidence
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Can you heal from abuse?  What do I do after leaving my narcissist? What does a healthy relationship look like? These concerns cross the minds of over 20 people every minute; over 28,800 people every day.  And the sad fact is, we still don’t talk about it enough.  Healing from Emotional Abuse isn’t a bandaid situation.  But it doesn’t have to be a five year process either. Millions of other survivors around the worlds entire lives have been impacted by their narcissist.  Yours doesn’t have to.  To show you how to live a free, confident and peaceful life, your host and Founder of the Healing From Emotional Abuse Philosophy, Marissa F. Cohen. 

Overcoming narcissism and healing from emotional abuse are so important to your mental health and to living a life of freedom, confidence and peace.  Today, I want to talk about how to develop confidence, and why building confidence helps overcome narcissism. But before we start, I want to brainstorm ways that I can help ease your healing journey.  Imagine you’re standing on a cliff.  And on the other side of a deep canyon is the life that you dream of.  A partner who connects with you, supports and empowers you, and makes you laugh and smile. A life filled with freedom, confidence and peace.  I have been where you are now.  Standing on the edge, dreaming of that life.  And I’ve built the bridge between where you are now, and that dream that seems so far away.  Let me walk you across the bridge, and literally hand you the life of your dreams.  It’s possible. I’ve walked this path with thousands of survivors, who live free, confident and peaceful lives. Let’s walk this path together.  Don’t waste anymore time feeling lonely, worthless or exhausted. Schedule a call with me today at scheduleacallwithmarissa.com.

In my Healing From Emotional Abuse Philosophy, building resilience is the second key component of overcoming narcissism. You build resilience by building confidence and boosting confidence, learning how to love yourself more, overcoming low self esteem, and regaining self respect. Resilience is that strength that allows you to overlook and ignore negative energy and toxic people.  It lets the words that would normally hurt you bounce right off.  And having that strength and that power is refreshing, after emotional abuse.  Being able to stand up tall and the words fall right off you, its empowering. 

Building confidence is different from putting up a wall, because putting a wall between you and other people is distancing and isolating.  You’re not addressing your trauma, simply putting a very temporary bandaid on it.  Our goal isn’t to feel isolated or push others away.  It is to let the words of narcissists and abusers bounce off you without affecting you.  

So, there are a few ways you can develop confidence, but this is one of my favorite confidence building exercises, and it’s super simple.

On your phone, open up your alarm app.  Create a new alarm for 10 minutes after you wake up.  As the alarm title, write an empowering phrase or something you love about yourself.  Like, I’m a badass.  Or “Kick butt today.” Or, I have a beautiful heart.  And set it for everyday at the same time.  

Next, set an alarm for when you normally have lunch, or sometime in the middle of the day.  Do the same thing, but pick a different phrase or feature, to remind yourself how smart, intelligent and powerful you are. “I can accomplish anything.” “Today is your day.” “I am smart, funny and kind.”  Set it for everyday at the same time. 

And finally, set an alarm for 10 minutes before you go to sleep.  Before you do any nighttime routine that you have. Title this one with a quality you love about yourself, or an empowering phrase — something that makes you go to sleep feeling inspired.  You can write a long-term goal that you’re working on, but phrase it as if you’ve already accomplished it. “I am excited to be living my best life with my dream partner in Colorado by the mountains.” Or something that you want in life. Set this alarm for everyday.

Now, on a scale from 1-10, I want you to rank how you’re feeling right now, 1 is bad, 10 is amazing. And every night before you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up, I want you to rank, using the same scale, how you’re feeling.  It’ll surprise you how one small change in your routine can have such a grand impact on your overall confidence.  

In my newest upcoming book, The Healing From Emotional Abuse Philosophy, I identify 10 easy techniques and confidence building exercises that will help you develop confidence and maintain it, with little to no additional daily effort.  The release date is still to be determined, but to Pre-Order your copy, visit: 


In addition to that book, which is an incredibly exciting work, I have a resource available right now.  Healing From Emotional Abuse: 365 Ways to Start Your Healing Journey.  You can find that, as a special offer right now, for only $7 on my website at:

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Learning how to develop confidence is just one step in my 3 step process to Healing From Emotional Abuse. In order to fully heal, you must have all three steps working together.  I want all survivors of abuse and narcissism to live free, confidence and peaceful lives because we deserve it.  You have overcome and survived so much.  It’s time to take your life back!

If you enjoyed this podcast, you have to check out www.MarissaFayeCohen.com/Private-Coaching. Marissa would love to develop a made-for-you healing plan to heal from emotional abuse. She does all the work, and you just show up. Stop feeling stuck, alone, and hurt, and live a free, confident, and peaceful life.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the Healing From Emotional Abuse podcast, and follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/marissafcohen, and instagram @Marissa.Faye.Cohen. We’d love to see you there!

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