Train the Advocate – LIVE Professional Course

This program is  a special curriculum specifically for professionals in the psychological and medical fields who work with survivors of abuse and assault to help them guide their patients and clients towards healing, effectively.  Using the principles outlined in my book and self-study program, The Ruhe Approach, Healing from Abuse, we train you to implement them into your work with survivors and Champions, helping them heal quicker, and minimizing the risk of revictimization and negative, unhealthy coping mechanisms. Over the course of two months, meeting once per week, you’ll learn the best ways to build rapport with your clients, meet them at the stage in their healing that they are in, and effectively help guide them to a healthy, happy mindset.

Next 6-Week Training Starts September 23rd at 6pm CST

September 23-October 28 - Wednesdays 6pm CST

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