Healing From Trauma: Therapeutic Writing

Hi, love, thank you so much for enrolling in this course, I am so excited to collaborate with you and partner with you on your healing journey. One of the things that I especially love recommending for my clients, and really I use this all the time myself, is writing to heal. Writing is such an incredible way to release the things that you’re holding on to and let go of all that toxicity that’s sitting inside of you and causing you pain, whether it’s physical pain, like for me, it was neck pain and shoulder pain and back pain. A lot of people will find that they have severe headaches or migraines or stomach and chronic pain, or even like cardiac issues, and they’re even linking abuse and sexual assault to certain types of cancers, primarily breast cancer. So, by taking this step forward in your healing and finding new tools and resources to help you overcome the trauma that you’ve experienced, you’re actually taking a step towards full, whole body, holistic health. And so for that, I want you to be really proud of yourself. I’m proud of you. But what I feel doesn’t matter. It’s what you feel about you.

So, just a quick overview, this course goes over three different types of writing for healing. We’re going to talk about why healing, I’m sorry, why writing is so important for healing, why it’s such a useful and phenomenal tool that people utilize all the time. We will also be doing three prompts together using three different writing styles to see which one works best for you, what you feel the most comfortable with what you feel the best with, and what you feel is the most has the most therapeutic value for you. The prompts we’ll be using today are coming from my book, Writing Is My Therapy. It’s available on Amazon and on my website.

If you didn’t pick up a copy, that’s okay. I’ll read the prompts to you. I’ll have them on here so that you can follow along as well. But something to consider would be if you enjoy writing for healing would be to grab this book. Writing is My Therapy again available on Amazon and on my website because it’s filled with pages and pages of prompts and quotes, and therapeutic ways to release the things that you’ve been holding on to and the side effects from your from your abuser, narcissist or your toxic relationship. So get ready. If you don’t have a book, grab a journal and a pen, and we’re ready to go. See you inside

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