365 Days of Transformation Course
... A Journey Calendar for Your Healing Path. All the research is done. I've found 365 Psychologist-Recommended and Champion-Approved methods and activities to help you heal, and formatted them into a calendar, so you can easily weave healing into your daily life. * Daily activities to empower you, build up your confidence, and support you on your healing journey. * How to find a healing technique that fits your lifestyle, and interests, and expedites your journey! ​* Specific recommendations on psychologically proven techniques and methods, without the therapist. ​* See exactly how I, and millions of other Champions around the world healed from our trauma, and began living the lives we dreamed of. ​* Recognize you are worthy of love and happiness. * Learn to love the new you! Become the strongest version of yourself that you’ve ever been!
Module 1365 Days of Transformation
Unit 1365 Days of Transformation
Unit 2BONUS Content!

Healing From Emotional Abuse: Confidence Building Exercises for Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse.
How to go from having low self-esteem to becoming the empowered and confident person you deserve to be. In the next four days we are going to transform your life and build unconditional self love, and self confidence.

The Ruhe Approach, Healing from Abuse Course

After an event, we typically retreat. We hide, pretend it didn't happen, wish it would just go away. But that doesn't work. Our trauma stays with us until we face it. That thought is terrifying. Opening these wounds unleashes feelings and emotions that we aren't prepared to face.

But it doesn't have to be so scary. The Ruhe Approach will help take the overwhelming, scariness out of our trauma, and compartmentalize it so we can face it and overcome it. In 5 steps, we breakdown the healing journey from beginning - taking off the bandaid; to end - Rebuilding your life. Let us help you on your healing journey. You're not alone.
Module 1The Ruhe Approach, Healing From Abuse
Unit 1Ruhe PDF
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