How do you heal from emotional abuse?

Narcissistic relationships may end, but the affects don’t go away that quickly.  Even after we leave, there is still self-doubt, confusion, and shattered pieces of us left behind.  Sometimes it feels like we’ll never feel good enough again. 

 But that’s not true.

There was a time that I couldn’t look in the mirror without hating my reflection.  That I doubted every thought that I had, and didn’t know if I would ever trust anybody again. My narcissist was still in control of me, without even having to be around.

But then, I discovered a 3 Key Philosophy that gave me the freedom, confidence, and strength to overcome narcissism. To overcome my self-doubt and low self esteem.

I learned how to love myself again. 

And so I shared this discovery, and it worked for others.  Thousands of other survivors of emotional abuse started healing from emotional abuse, and finding happiness, freedom and peace!

And you can, too.  The Healing From Emotional Abuse Philosophy works for everyone!

I have done all the leg work.  Everything is done for you, and your healing is handed to you on a silver platter! I made all the mistakes so you can feel only the benefits. 

If you don’t believe me,  join me for a FREE 30-minute coaching session, so I can show you a life filled with confidence, freedom and peace!  You deserve happiness, again!

What Others Are Saying About Coaching With Marissa...

“She has a very dynamic personality.  She’s very energetic.  What she says works.  She’s very solid, but she’s also very sweet at the same time.  It comes across in a way that people trust her.  I think they already do. When she talks, you can feel her passion about it.  She’s strong.  She’s confident.  She’s not threatening.  And that’s huge.”

Jack Canfield,
Star of the movie, The Secret
Author of the Best-Selling Book, The Success PrinciplesCo-Creator, #1 NY Times Best-Selling Book Series,  Chicken Soup for the Soul®

“Marissa’s transparency is what convinces people they can do it. She gives people the power to have their voice again.”

—Patty Aubery, Chief Negotiator & President
Jack Canfield’s Companies
Creator of Permission Granted

Marissa is there for you when you need someone you can talk to honestly, and not feel ashamed or embarrassed. She is a kind-hearted, strong woman.”  

Vivian B.,  Healing Survivor

“I have been through a couple different types of abusive relationships in my life. I’ve struggled for years to talk about it and move on, mainly because I can never find the right words. Ever since reading Marissa’s books and especially after listening to her podcast I feel like I’ve finally woken up. For the first time in eight years I was able to sit down and put into words what happened to me, what I was feeling, and with the help of Marissa’s analytical explanations I was even able to create a timeline to lift some of the confusion I’ve always had about how and why things progressed the way they did. Without Marissa’s efforts, I would probably still be in a confused and negative place and it is because of Marissa and the way she continues to help and advocate for survivors that I wanted to break my silence and give my testimony to how much she really does help every single one of us. Thank you Marissa, for sharing your story, for being the warrior that you are, and for being there for all of us.”  

—Elizabeth D., Healing Survivor

“Marissa is very down to earth and easy to relate to.”

— Maggie C., Healed Survivor

“I really loved Marissa’s healing tools.  They made me think a lot; everything about them lingers in my mind still.  Some of the concepts have become a part of my daily routine and decision making, and have really made a difference!” 

—Priscilla L., Healing Survivor

“Thank you so much for helping me, supporting me, and encouraging me to share my story! I’m so grateful to have you and relieve to finally, after NINE YEARS FINALLY talk about my story publicly.  It warms my heart and soul to know my story has already helped one person, and that is enough for me to finally let this horrible time in my life go and move on.  I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done <3 <3 <3”

—Liz D., Healing Survivor

“Marissa is able to openly discuss sensitive topics in a truly empowering way! She uses her own experiences, education and examples to shed light on the power of taking your voice back!”

—Kendra K., Healing Survivor

“We started working with Marissa because my daughter had sexual trauma and PTSD, and we were struggling as a family! I, as a parent, was struggling through my own trauma with domestic violence and the trauma of having a child victimized by her other parent. The frustration from dealing with these problems affected my sleep patterns and affected my moods, and how I dealt with things.  No matter what I did, it didn’t seem right. Marissa’s Healing from Emotional Abuse Philosophy is different because Marissa made me feel understood, and that my feelings were valid.  She gave me ideas on how to cope, and what I could do to help my children.  I knew this was working when I was able to not feel so overwhelmed, and was able to use her strategies and tools in my daily life. That’s a big deal!”

—Melinda P., Healing Survivor and Mom of a Healing Survivor

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