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What If You Were Given Everything You Needed To Help Heal Faster in One 5ml Bottle?

Get Your Starter Kit Filled with Confidence Boosting, Self-Loving Wellness …

Heal Naturally



Natural, non-toxic solutions for healing and wellness, making it simple for you to:

  • change your mindset and open yourself up to healing
  • keep life calm and peaceful and reduce stress and anxiety
  • quiet your mind without harmful chemicals
  • build up your confidence
  • release the dark, heavy feelings inside of you
  • forgive and build your most peaceful life
  • and more!


We MUST focus on living more naturally and understanding how we can play an active role in our healing. Our health and emotional well-being actually depend on it.

But when given the right support and resources, we can actually save time and mone, and living a natural lifestyle just becomes simple and second nature. 

Let me share a little secret with you…

My friend and mentor showed me how to use essential oils to heal, after going through trauma herself.  She is the strongest, bravest and most positive person I know, achieving all of her dreams, and even more than she ever expected. 

I still have bad days, but they end within minutes, after diffusing and using these oils.  My bad days have turned into bad moments.

Everything has changed.

If you want to read more about this, here are some articles for you:

This Starter Kit is packed full of all the essential oils you need to get started with. Filled with 12 essential single oils and exclusive blends plus a FREE diffuser to smell them all.

Signing Up As A Young Living Wholesale Member – STEP BY STEP

1. Sign up here to get started. I will email you back with more information.

2. Signing up – Select “Get Started”

3. Select your Premium Starter Kit. This is where you can specify which starter kit you would like (and you know I think the Premium Kit is the way to go!). You also get to pick which diffuser you would like with your kit. I always recommend the Desert Mist.  It’s my favorite!  You can also purchase other items at this time if you wish. I always recommend the Feelings Kit, because that’s the one that I work with most!  Young Living does not have any contracts, monthly minimum purchases, or annual fees. Nothing like that. It truly is risk free to add these amazing oils to your life.

4.  Set up your *optional* Essential Rewards Program. As a Young Living wholesale member, you also have the option to join our frequent buyer’s club called Essential Rewards. I find it is best to chip away and make these simple swaps each month on Essential Rewards. Why? Because the ER club allows me to accumulate reward points that I can redeem for free products! I also get a cheaper flat rate on shipping when I order via Essential Rewards.  Plus, you can use this purchase as your first ER purchase, so you wont need to worry about having to make another this month.  


5. If you chose to be an Essential Rewards member, now, you can pick your special ER bundle or create your own.  The Theives ER Kit is the most common!  Non-toxic, all natural household cleaner that doesn’t burn your throat?  Sign me up!

6. Personal Information – Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact information.

7. Username, Password and Pin – Create your password and pin which you will use to log in to your account and order your oils.

8. Enroller and Sponsor – The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be auto-populated for you. (If for some reason it is not, enter 22109469 in both boxes)

8. Agree to Terms & Conditions.

9. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER. I have had many folks miss this step and end up not fully checking out. To confirm, the tool will log you in and it will show you your order again and it will make you enter in your payment information again. We wouldn’t want that to happen because then you would not get your oils!

That’s it!  Welcome to the amazingly healthy, addictive  world of essential oils!

Make sure to contact me once you get started so I can make sure to add you to my member’s only Oily Lounge Facebook group filled with recipes, support and other resources.


Try It Before You Buy It...

If you’re curious to try, but not ready to commit, I am offering a  *LIMITED EDITION HEALING BOX* for $25.

It comes with…

  • A fan of oil samples
  • One Oil of the Month
    • TBD each Month
  • A Signed copy of my book The Ruhe Approach, Healing From Abuse
    • 5-Step Healing Method for Overcoming Trauma
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